New Target GiftCards

February 1, 2011

Viewfinder and Bear Hug GiftCards for Target.

I had a hand in designing two recently-issued Target GiftCards for a younger audience. One is the Bear Hug GiftCard which was timed for the 2010 holiday shopping season. A warm greeting for cold weather, it’s a finger-puppet card with holes to give mini-bear hugs with.

The other GiftCard is a riff on the classic View-Master. Like the well-known toy, the Target Viewfinder GiftCard allows the user to view a set of transparencies on a rotating disk (a non-removable one in this case). My illustrated slideshow features Bullseye, the Target dog mascot, in scenes of Mount Rushmore, the Rockies, the Texas Plains, New York City, Hawaii, San Francisco, Hollywood and Las Vegas, viewable in the “camera” window when held up to light.

Many thanks to art directors Ted Halbur and Scott Gilson for these two fun projects!

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